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New Beginnings

Hello 2018!

Welcome to my new website for Lisa Ison Photography and Design Services. I am so excited to launch this updated version of my work which is very long overdue. Many thanks goes to my trusted WordPress-savvy architect and advisor, Matt Schwartz. You are amazing! Now I can go out with my head and camera held high, knowing that now I have a true online art gallery to showcase my work. I love how easy it is to navigate through my site; it’s clean and contemporary, colorful and uncluttered.  I want to give you a peek into how I view the world around me through my camera lens. I love discovering hidden treasures along the way, sometimes the smallest detail in an obscure object or location. My eyes and heart are always on the lookout for messages, clues and insights into the people I meet, things I see, places I go; a message that inspires me to capture what I feel in that moment. Every day is a treasure hunt! Today all things become new, a fresh start, new work, new challenges, and clearer eyes to see God’s amazing creation..that includes YOU! Please join me on my journey this new year as I create, design and capture images, as I meet new and incredible people, being changed by everyone and everything that comes into my life.